Matthew Bryan
When the Story has to be told.

Welcome!  Thank you for visiting my site.  As everything of interest on the internet, this site also will evolve and grow as the need hits.  Thus while it may be sparse and empty and you almost expect a tumble weed to come blowing by, rest assured that this state will not remain long.

Please, while you're here, look around, look in the dark corners, peek through the open windows, there's nothing much to fear; Though if you do hear heavy footstes behind you or the skitter of a many legged creature heading your way, I would suggest maybe hurrying along or perhaps climb a nearby tree.

I will endeavor to provide some entertainment in the slices of life on my blog.  Random exceprts from novels I am working on or other random writings may appear at times as well.

Enjoy your time here and thank you visiting.



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